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Who are we?

We are agency offering;

  • Special active programes,
  • Organized trips and tours,
  • Buisiness – sociable meetings,
  • Seminars and congresses.

We have many expirience in organizing, we are innovative and full of energy, professional and responsable.

With the greatest enthusiasm we will design the perfect program for you, according to your wishes and requirements, so you can devote your time to your collegues and business partners.

Our advantage is organizing in your name all:

  • General informing of participants
  • Welcome and badges for participants
  • Transfers
  • Bookings and accommodation
  • Conference and seminar halls rental, technical support rental, translators
  • Organizing atractive tourist trips and excursions
  • Special programes, animation and dinner events, relaxing programes, business gifts, special weddings...

We prepare and organize

  • Business meetings, seminars, congresses, forums
  • Sociable meetings, interesting and sociable trips, excursions, theme parties
  • Atractive and active programes such as „Peasamt laibour in ancient times“, „Exploring the unknown“, „Cave Expirience“....
  • "Medieval program with knights" Ridding islandic horses at Mrcina ranch, Cowboy day
  • Guided boat tours on Bohinj lake,...

All events can include: animation with local specialties

  • Children shows on Tourist boat or ranch
  • Children creative workshops
  • Adrenalin programes
  • Olympic games and different outdoor team and fun building



Isonzo front

Isonzo Front

We will take you on paths of Isonzo front and memories of famous writer Ernest Hemingway...

We will discover the old guardhouse and military outposts, trie to find the way out of the underground tunnels, see the famous fort and fortifications that challenged 1.st World War and still withstand the test of time....

Who knows, maybe there will be some shooting as well?




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Exploring the unknown

TopAgencija unknown

Orientation hike, based on team work, can be organized in hearth of Bohinj or anywhere else...

Set in teams and aquainted with basic instructions we will search the check points. Along the search we will use maps and other props, walk or cycle and deal with different interesting tasks.
At the end we will be more happy when – if we will find the way back...





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Mini olympics of maxi games

team building mini olimpijada maxi iger

Think, sweat, participate and be the best ... All together!

Games are based on „Little grows bigger“ and will require active team work. We will prepare games such as Maxi Ludo, Maxi Tangram, giant ball football and much much more...

Olympics can be set anywhere with enough place for all this interesting and relaxing games.

Winter olympics on snow

We will take you to appropriate slope where we will prepare you proper winter olympics.

After welcome drink for warm up and basic instructions of our animators we will enter the world of games and fun in snow.

We‘ll slide in rafts down the slope, search the snow woodpecker, try to walk in snowshoes and keep us warm with more interesting and funny games.

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Peasant labour in ancient times

TopAgencija Kmecke igre

We will meet in plesant ambience of Mrcina Ranch.

We have different old farming games and tasks ready for you such as: “fran”, mine field, clear the dong, milk the cow, cut and mown the grass, saddle the horse, chop the logs of wood and splinters, stilts competition, horseshoe throw and much more...

Join us, we will make sure this event will be unlimited fun and unforgetable expirience!



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Forest adventure

TopAgencija Forest adventure

We will spend the day in nature and clean air, and keep us warm with some of Forestman work and tasks. There are different tasks ready for you to deal with: You will make a proper raft according to the plan given, team work is required. This raft will take us to the next task...

Set at forest we will prepare ourselves a proper forest man snack and and spicy it with some adrenalin... 





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The world is a stage

team building odrska prezenca

We will learn how to get to know ourselves and others with help of the stage, puppets and scenery.

„The world is a stage and life is comedy“

We will learn to handle puppets, how to make scenery, think of a story and trie to stage it. We will wake the actor in you as well as the spirit of getting ideas from our fantasies and unfulfilled desires of performing on a big stage.






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Wild west


Cawboys and cowgirls, do you have your cigars and cognac ready?

Wild west atmosphere will be set at Mrcina Ranch. Horse race, cowboy dance, lasso and horseshoe throw, shooting the bottle and many more interesting and funny games are ready for you.
We can set the event anywhere else and adjust the program to set location.




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Children parties and creative workshops

TopAgencija Tovarna igrac

We can prepare unforgetable party for your children or make sure, that they have good time while parents are free to enjoy event organized.
We have ready different thematic creative workshops, children shows, Magic show, Xmas show and much more ....

Our references: Lady picnick, Star Really, Bank Day…




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Spicy dinner

TopAgencija Kulinaricni team building

Together we will make relaxed atmosphere where delicious food will slide to the stomach easier and faster.

Sociable games connected to food and drinks durring the dinner – with lots of laughter will enrich the evening. Event can be organized in any restaurant where they will allow us to peek in the kitchen. Additionally we can organize music animation or DJ.

Kitchen party

Warm welcomed and after meeting the chief and we will make our way to kitchen dressed as a cook. Menue is usually set of 5 or 6 different home dishes, we are open to your suggestion.

Under supervision and instructions of proper chief we will prepare delicius dinner for all of us.

*PS: you can lick the fingers...

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Medieval knight program

TopAgencija Viteski program

We can set the medieval atmosphere anywhere you wish.

Old Slavic language, some medieval and knights’ dances, an archery tournament, a clash of fences, a dance with flags, fire vomiting – in short: a true knights’ spectacle waits for us.
First we will observe and then of course learn all the funny and interesting parts of program.

Lots of laughter and stepping on toes while learning to dance and most of all – relaxed atmosphere and unlimited fun.



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Cave expirience

TopAgencija Jamska avantura

Experience one of the largest caves in the region with funny name Ladie‘s teeth and discover why they say it is snaggy. On the way to the cave we will deal with many tasks, enjoy scenic view and prepare „cave man snack“ (baked bats..?!), explore the cave and I hope... We‘ll find the way out...

*PS: If you will not found the way out, this program can take days or weeks.





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Treasure hunt

TopAgencija Taborniski dan

Treasure hunt, where you will prepare your own obstacles and tasks is designed for us together to set appropriate location.

You will prepare obstacles and tasks for your competitive team and make their way to hidden treasure a bit more difficoult. Tasks and their difficoulty depends on your ideas, adventurous spirit, creativity and immagination. Our animators and props will ease and support your hunt.

Treasure hunt can be organized in city or nature, near hotel where you are meeting for seminar or near your place of business. Good fun for picnicks, sociable meeting or meeting with your business partners.

The devil‘s treasure hunt

Program is designed to stimulate your immagination, fantasy and creativity. We will hunt the hidden Devil‘s treasure, prepare ourselves different obstacles and tasks and later deal with them.

Along the hunt we will discover all the beauties of this idyllic village of Stara Fužina.

Any time of year – program takes
2 – 4 hours (upon your request).

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Ice breaking games

TopAgencija Plesno dozivetje

The name itself tell us that with games we will break the ice... Let see how well you know your collegues along simple, motivation and innovative fun games.

Unlimited fun, relaxed atmosphere and lots of laughter for all! Program can be organized anywhere - outdoor, restaurants, seminar hall,...





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Magical Bled discovery

team building golte adventure

Bled is a magical place.

Intertwined with the various stories about fairies, princesses and princes, the king and queen, Swiss healer, Bled cream cakes - some more, others less real.

We will discover Bled on special orientation hike.





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